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"No Challenger ; You're Are Our Next President" - Bawumia Cheered By NPP Fans At Sir John's Funeral.

Hundreds of NPP fans besieged President Bawumia's convoy at Sir John's funeral cheering that he has no Challenger. Again, he is the surest next President of Ghana.

The loud cheers compelled Dr Mahmoud Bawumia to stand up in his convoy to wave at the crowd. Although he was there purposely for Sir John's funeral, it appeared that his supporters nearly turned the atmosphere into a rally.

Dr Mahmoud Bawumia was accompanied by his wife Her Excellency Samira Bawumia and his security details. Even after exiting the funeral grounds, the cheers continued.

The last time Bawumia received Such a cheering crowd was When he visited a church in Kumasi. He is the current vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

Although he hasn't declared his intention to become President, it appears he is enjoying all the publicity about his incumbency as Vice president.

We wish him well in all his endeavours.

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