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Three things I wish I knew before marriage

Marriage, a heavenly institution that was established by God is something that is making and unmaking people today. I sometimes wonder if it is even good to marry and suffer or stay single and continue fornicating. I know a lot of people out there will ask these same questions. But I think there are lot that needs to be done before and during the marriage. I gave a deaf ear to these things and I am suffering deeply, but as a concerned citizen I do not want people to go through the same situation I went through. That is why you need to consider some things am about discussing before paying your tuition into this institution called marriage.

The first thing to consider and to do before thinking of taking care of somebody's child and her family is financial stability. Many people will agree with me on this one. But someone may ask, so can people who are not financially stable marry, and my answer is yes they can. They can do that only if their partners are willing to help them financially. With that it can be easy for them. But the best advice I can give to anyone thinking of marriage is to be financially stable before going to the altar.

Secondly, you should be ready for drama. I always say that being in a marriage is like being in a play. It can be interesting at times and very boring and irritating some other times too. You should be willing to face it all. Don't ever think things will continue to be the same after marriage. Your way of life before marriage changes since there will be a lot of responsibilities on your head. That's why I always say that love is pressure.

Lastly, you should be mentally matured. Mental maturity will save you from doing certain things that are unhealthy to the development of your marriage. There is a saying that marriage is for the matured mind and not just anybody.

I think if we are to consider these three things before getting ourselves in any marital institution we will be saved from the troubles that comes with marriage. Thank you. Don't forget to like, share and comment.

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