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Friday Advice For Young People

1. After graduation, nobody cares about your GPA.

2. It also doesn't matter where you went to college.

3. Your cliques aren't going to last. Your cliques aren't going to last.

4. Relativity: your twenties fly by faster than your adolescent years.

5. The Rule of Thirds: one-third of your network loves you.

6. Rule of Thirds: one-third of your network despises you.

7. Rule of Thirds: the final third is uninterested.

8. The opposite of love is indifference, not hatred.

9. The cheap seats are always the source of the boos.

10. Death isn't the worst thing that can happen to you in life.

11. Your mind can be both your best friend and your worst foe.

12. Your ego has the power to make or break you. More than likely, you'll be destroyed.

13. Remove the jokers from the deck. Do it right now.

14. Huge success is rarely accompanied by envy.

15. Take pleasure in the process. It's all about the journey.

16. Keep in mind that fame, fortune, and friends come and go quickly.

17. Even your shadow abandons you in the dark.

18. Everyone is attempting to persuade you to buy something. I'm one of them.

99.9% of what you read, see, or hear is complete nonsense.

20. Heroes are people like you and me. Every saint is a sinner in disguise.

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