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How to survive gunshots

Guns are one of the deadly weapons to get on one's skin or inside one's body.

The body is allergic to being shot and it tends to react to the bullet wounds by trying to pump as much blood in you have in your body into your immediate vicinity. Blood gushes out of the body rapidly after being shot. The rapid and extremely blood loss makes the bullets so potentially fatal that all the blood coming out of your body can make you die within some few minutes or seconds.

Top scientists have laboured for decades and have at last determined that the best way to survive after getting shot at is ti try and keep as much of your blood inside of your body and dont panic.

So to survive a gunshot wound,apply pressure to where the wound is being. You can wrap a bandage if available, a shirt or anything that can be used to wrap the wound to slow down blood loss.

You would need to keep constant pressure on the wound. If you happen to have a tourniquet,use it as soon as possible to avoid dying even if you have to lose a limb or arm.A tourniquet

A tourniquet is a device that is placed around a bleeding arm or leg. Tourniquets work by squeezing large blood vessels. The squeezing helps stop blood loss but if you don't have a tourniquet,you can still wrap a shirt or any clothe and put a stick or anything that can replace the stick to tighten the wrap on the wound. how to make your own tourniquet

Make sure the tourniquet is not too tight or too loose. Too tight would stop blood flow into your veins which would make that part of your body die off and you may need to cut it off. Too loose would make you loss more blood and may die.

After wrapping the wound,be on your way to the hospital for treatment but the best way to survive a gunshot is to avoid getting shot at all.

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