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Fast Rising Rev. Elvis Agyemang’s Newest TV Program, Is Making Headlines Already. DETAILS

Rev. Elvis Agyemang is the nation’s fastest rising man of God, and with him below the age of 40years, his rise is certainly one, that has been phenomenal and exceptionally fast.

Interestingly, whereas it takes at least a decade and more to come to the limelight in the community where one plants a church even, Rev. Elvis Agyemang’s rise to both national and international fame, has been in just seven (7) years.

His well-known program, dubbed “Alpha Hour” is a household name in Ghana and even beyond the Christian circles, as over 59,000 individual devices connect to this program on Facebook and this is aside the other thousands who join as well on Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Fast rising young minister of the gospel

Well, a man on a rollercoaster ride of his life and ministry is nowhere near stopping, especially when it is orchestrated by the very hand of God and it is no surprise that, he has launched an entirely new TV program, which is predicted by many industry watchers, to also become a hitz also.

The TV program dubbed “Time with Rev. Elvis Agyemang,” is set to premieres on Praise TV every Friday at 9pm and whereas it is of joy to many of us, naysayers will surely be worried by this upward progress of his ministry, but is it not true, that winners may well have bitter haters?

Time with Rev. Elvis is certainly a time with GRACE, as his ministry not only named Grace Mountain Ministry, is also one that is inspiring and imparts God’s very strength, to his hearers.

Well, a quick investigation indicate that, this is just one of such fast rising initiatives expected from his ministry. One of such programs expected in the pipeline soon may well be the wife’s own TV and Radio program as a Counsellor.

Rev. Elvis flanked by his wife, Counsellor Mercy Agyemang.

Rev. Elvis Agyemang, has also been tipped to start his own TV station soon, bearing in mind that, with his sudden rise to fame, he is well endowed by grace and the help of destiny helpers, to be able to easily foot the bill of running an entire media house, to promote the gospel.

Rev. Elvis Agyemang, who in his Facebook bio, has expressed the desire of his heart, as one certainly huge and one, he believes God has put there, to impact several millions of people, across the globe.

In this referred to write up, he simply shared that powerful vision and purpose of his life, as this, "“I have a dream which is embedded in my spirit, is soo big my mind is finding no logic about it so I have resorted to walking by faith not my senses."

Rev. Agyemang in a pose few years back and present PICS.

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