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We Will Oppose The Purchase Of The New Presidential Jet Based On Scientific reasons - An NDC MP

The controversies surrounding the use of luxurious private jets by President Akufo Addo don't seem to be dying out anytime soon. The discussions have taken a new twist after the announcement from the presidency of the plans by the government to purchase a new presidential jet.

The Member of Parliament for the Wa constituency, Abdul-Rashid Alhassan Pelpuo, has said they will oppose the purchase of the new presidential jet by scientific reasons and analysis.

The Wa MP made this disclosure on 'Good Morning Africa' on Pan Africa television this morning when he gave his opinion on the government's plans to purchase a new presidential jet.

According to Abdul-Rashid Alhassan Pelpuo, the discussion to buy a new presidential jet shouldn't be in the play now, but what is forcing the Secretary to the president to make the pronouncement he made is about the fact that the president refused to hear the cry of Ghanaians.

"I have seen Presidents from rich countries joined pubic aircraft and they still got to where they want to go. It doesn't mean that we are asking the president to do same because we have a presidential jet."

Abdul-Rashid Alhassan Pelpuo indicated that he believes buying the presidential jet is not a problem, but it shouldn't be the idea at this critical moment where we already have a functioning presidential jet, so we shouldn't think about buying a new one because there are more priorities areas that we need to be more concerned about.

"We have major issues on our hands in this country, and one of them is not buying a new presidential jet, so we will oppose it based on scientific reasons on the analysis that will show that it is not our priorities now."

However, he said that they will support the purchase of a new presidential jet when it becomes a critical issue, and there is the need, but in the meantime, we have a strong presidential jet which we should use.

Abdul-Rashid Alhassan Pelpuo added that we should caution the government because the plans to purchase a new presidential jet are a diversion to the fact that it is using state funds to fly luxurious jets.


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