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Nana Addo Went With Ouatara To Guinea For One Reason: Kweku Annan Unravels A Mystery.

Today, the host of the Seat Show on Net 2, Kweku Anan made some dumbfounding revelations on live TV. He was on his usual series on Ghana Speaks, "8th Epistle of Africa, A failed continents". His main aim was to describe believed that they have obtained independence but yet lost their birthright. He disclosed that Africa was the "firstborn" of God's creation but now Africa is the last in development. He blamed the leadership of Africa for this development. He explained that the "whites" are not happy when Africa develop but rather, they sought to exploit us for their benefit. He made a powerful revelation that the whites enjoy sponsoring people or groups to overthrow Presidents in Africa. He went ahead to question the leadership of Africa, especially Ghana of their actions against that. He lamented at the four number of overthrows of government in just a year in Sub Saharan Africa of which Guinea is the latest.

Having said all these, he disclosed the main reason why Nana Addo went with Ouattara to Guinea. Kweku Annan shared that despite the fact that Ouattara has enjoyed the seat of Presidency, he wants to tamper with the constitution so that he retains power again.

"I am very happy Nana Addo sent Ouattara with him when going to Guinea. It was for one reason. After his two terms, he still wants an amendment of the constitution so that he will not leave the seat of Presidency", Kweku Anan.

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