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Video: Young Man Captured Dancing Seriously In A Moving Vehicle.

Everyone deserves to be happy irrespective of how rich we, maybe. Getting worried and not being happy only kills the soul. Worrying about life is like sitting in a swing chair, it actually gets you something to do but can never take you anywhere. Having money alone does not guarantee happiness because there are a lot of rich people who finds it difficult to sleep during the night because of fear.

A video circulating on social media and monitored by Kwicknews shows how a young man approximately in his middle twenties was seen probably dancing to his favorite music in an Abbossey Okai macho vehicle as it is popularly called on the Ghanaian market. In the video it appears the young man was once a dance hero as he seemed to have a lot of dance skills or moves.

The video was captured by an unknown person who closely followed the mini truck and made some funny comments about the video.

Everyone deserves to be happy irrespective of how rich we maybe. Happiness is free.


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