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DJ Slim’s “Lazy Artiste” Comment On Gyackie Is A “Pull Him Down” Syndrome – Ghanaians React.

“Dj slim must be jealous of the young budding artist Gyackie for saying that she is "lazy" just by listening to her vocal range in just one song”.

These are some exact words of some social media fans of Gyackie after DJ Slim’s "lazy artist" comment in a video circulating on social media.

They indicated that perhaps DJ slim haven’t listened to some other songs from Gyackie’s EP and that they wonder which criteria he used in passing such an ill judgement.

According to some, if a singer sings in a low key, it doesn’t mean that he/she cannot sing in high notes. Looking at Gyackie’s hit song “forever”, the song mostly has lower notes which compelled the singer to sing accordingly.

“Singing in a lower key is a much difficult thing do and if you are not a skilled singer you might either go off key or sound flat, if you don’t know ask some of the experienced singers in the country”, some fans exclaimed.

Maybe DJ slim might have based on some of the current live shows Gyackie played to have made that comment.

Looking especially at Nana Ama Mcbrown’s united showbiz show on UTV, Gyackie fumbled a little bit with the low notes especially from the beginning when she started singing with the live band.

Whichever ways people think; we simply ask a question that;

How can the daughter of a music legend sound flat?

Apparently, Gyakie is the daughter of Ghanaian highlife legend Nana Acheampong whose charming silky voice brought a lot of happiness to Ghanaians and raised a lot of feet on the dance floor.

Gyackie was raised in a musical home and she started singing and recording at a tender age due to the fact that her father had all the instrument and equipment to make music at home, how can such a girl sound flat?

The major stake holders and players as well as musicians in the Ghanaian music industry are often known not to be united.

They are always accused of pulling musicians down when they seem to be doing well in the industry.

And according to the fans of Gyackie DJ Slim must be no exception.

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