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Pokuase Interchange: Local sellers are gradually taking over the pedestrian side of the Interchange.

Any country that wants to progress as a developing country would need infrastructure to help it expedite its development ambitions, which is why Ghana has recently prioritized infrastructure development. 

Ghana's recent completion of the Pokuase Interchange demonstrates how far the country has come in terms of infrastructure development. The interchange was built with the goal of reducing accidents and traffic on the Awoshie-Pokuase and Accra-Kumasi routes, and it has done a fantastic job of doing so since its completion. 

However, local traders are progressively occupying the pedestrian side of the newly built Interchange.

Local sellers have taken their foodstuffs to the Interchange's pavement side, which was designed to allow people to walk securely, and have begun selling and gradually forming a market there. 

This action must be stopped promptly before it spirals out of control and the pavement, which was intended for work, becomes clogged with local traders, making it unsafe for people to walk.

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