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Package Design Job And Employer's Job Descriptions You Need To Know

What Does a Package Designer Do?

A package designer is responsible for designing and developing safe and attractive packaging for warehouse products and merchandise. Package designers strategize their concepts according to product features, business requirements, and client specifications. They identify cost-effective resources and market demands within quality standards and regulations. A package designer must have excellent communication and technical skills, especially in utilizing various software tools and applications. Package designers generate designs and adjust design illustrations to meet clients' excellent feedback and consumer satisfaction.

Analytical skills is very critical to fulfilling every day responsibilities packaging designers. Graphic designers must be able to perceive their work from their consumers’ point of view to ensure that the designs convey the client’s message. The designer must coordinated and analyze package development activities including interfacing with product development, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, and accounting.

A Typical Employer's Job Brief:

We are currently hiring a Packaging Designer conceptualise, design and create attractive, functional and on-brand packaging based on requirements.

Main Responsibilities of a Packaging Designer will include:

1. Take a design brief to understand requirements and budgets

2. Conceptualizing and executing creative print design ideas, including visuals for packaging and trade marketing

3. Presenting ideas, concepts and design solutions to various stakeholders and incorporating feedback into your final design

4. Liaising with suppliers and service providers to ensure proof is of good quality and in line with production specifications

5. Stay up to date with consumer and market trends for packaging materials

Key Requirements:

1. You should have a degree/diploma in Design, Fine Arts or related field

2. You have prior experience as a Packaging Designer as well as a strong portfolio of sample projects

3. You possess a good knowledge of tools such as Adobe creative suite and 3D design software

4. You have a good understanding of packaging, health and safety regulations

5. You possess a strong sense of esthetics and a keen eye for detail

6. You demonstrate good communication skills and are a strong team player

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