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Be Careful With Ladies: Man Escapes Death After Ordering Food From A Woman

Personally I want to use this medium to advise everyone out there, that we should be very careful with Ladies, and also be careful with whatever we eat. Buying food from restaurants and eateries that you don't know how they prepare their food, can lead to death or sickness. More especially the food some people buy from eatery joints.

There is a trending story that has virtually gone viral across all social media platforms, where a man has shared what he discovered in the food he ordered from a Lady.

According to the information gathered, the young man whose name was given as "Emeka Reuben" left for church very early on Sunday morning, and on his way he had to branch at a close eatery to buy himself breakfast. He then had to order for a "Melon soup" missed with "Bitter leaf". While he was busy eating the food he bought, he discovered a strange thing in the soup.

However, he was scared over with he saw. He discovered a big fish hook inside the soup. At that instant he started having many thoughts inside his mind, that what if he accidentally swallowed that hook, what will be his fate? What if the hook got stuck inside his throat?

Read below what he shared on his Social media account:

It was gathered that he immediately alerted the Lady that gave him the food, so as not to make the matter go Public. He then asked the lady why they will have to serve him with such food, for that was an act of Carelessness. Then the Lady had to apologise to him, stating that the hook was inside the fish supplied by their regular Customer.

Below are the the photos he shared on his Facebook page:

Meanwhile, after some few days ,"Emeka" found it difficult to comprehend on how GOD saved him from death. He then shared on his Facebook post and advised people to be very Careful with Ladies, and whenever they enter any restaurant to eat. He then implore all owners of restaurants to be careful while serving food to their customers.

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