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We warned you but you didn’t listen- ‘Disappointed’ Asiedu Nketiah boldly declares and cause stir

Asiedu Nketiah in disappointment and anger has spoken some very strong words. Asiedu Nketiah started by stating that currently, Ghana should be counted as one of the countries with a lot of resources but are still begging for money from elsewhere.

He revealed that the reason why most of the citizens in the county go to other countries and are overwhelmed with their economic state is because they, the visited country have made good use of what they have.

This is something Asiedu Nketiah claims can not be seen in this country despite the efforts of many abled men. Speaking today, Asideu Nketiah revealed that Ghana is in a state of mess. We warned you but you didn’t listen- Asiedu Nketiah stated whiles making a revelation about how they, the Ndc warned the current government about the borrowings and how it can affect the country.

He alleged that despite the efforts of the members of parliament and other government bodies to prevent Nana Addo and his people from taking loans, they gladly took it and looked away. And this is the results of making decisions which favors no one but one’s selfish desires.

Asiedu Nketiah revealed that when Mahama was building airports, roads, hospitals and schools, he was being insulted for trying to make Ghana as good as many other countries we see today and providing jobs in addition.

But here is the case where he was insulted and shamed. Asiedu Nketiah revealed that he is not surprised at what is happening today but he hopes Ghanaians have learnt their lessons and will not be deceived by mere words.

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