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Daylight Robbery in Elmina - 25 years old notorious criminal arrested.

Robbery cases in Ghana is stil trending asuch as the Police officers are putting measures in place to put a stop to their operations. Citizens in Ghana must also be vigilant and help the police to carry out their operations successfully so as to wipe out all the bad Activities of the Notorious armed Robbers who do not want to give us a breathing space in our homes and the roads.

Another Notorious criminal have been arrested by the people in Komenda kisi at Elmina. The Notorious criminal is about 25 years old. The natives in Elmina mentioned that, the young man was caught red handed stealing goats and sheep in the day of which they will call it as Daylight robbery. The young man was beaten severely and later handed to the police.

It was also known that, the daylight robber is popularly known as Dabidabi Meka Masem. Our simple advice to the youth is to stop robbery and put forth their hands into good works so that they earn something profitable than stealing and Robbery.

We also Urge the Government to put good measures in other to provide a lot of Jon Opportunities for the youth in Ghana. There are a lot of Graduates from the various universities who are still seeking for employment. We hope the president will hear our concerns.

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