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Committee Set up to probe Apeatse Explosion

The minister of land and resources ,Abu Jenapor has announced the government's plan to set up a ministerial commission of enquiry to probe the explosion at a team on January 20th, 2022A truck carrying mining explosive was involved in an accident at a Apostle leading to an explosion that has since led to the death of 14 persons injured by many and distractions to several life properties. Speaking to the media in parliament on Tuesday ,January 25th, 2022 Abu said the committee's mandate would include integrating loopholes in existing legal framework of mining activities and making recommendations to cure a such.

The minister who is the member of parliament for Damango,noted that the commission would be made of seasoned technocrats capable of fulfilling the mandate form indicating the announcement of the committee membership next week·Abu Express the belief that the committee recommendation results in making Ghana mining environment safe and desirable upon implementation for the broader integration, the broader examination so that we can learn the useful lessons out of the industry the larger picture what are the loops? were they to tighten? a free the legal regime is it sufficient? The policy regime is insufficient

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