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Wassce 2021 Candidates Should Take Note Of These Elective Biology Questions Carefully

Waec has established a new way of setting questions for their candidates to answer in West Africa. When it comes to Elective subjects especially, biology and physics. Students find it very difficult to solve the question accurately.

In this article, I shall be giving my readers who are sitting for the 2021 Wassce examination a gist of the possible 2021 Elective Biology questions for them to try their hands on.

Try your hands on the following questions if you want to pass your Wassce with ease:

*Question 1*

(A)State the levels of organization of the following organisms/structures:


ii. Guinea pig;

iii. Hibiscus flower;

iv. Human skeleton;

v. Plasmodium        [5 marks]

(B). What is homeostasis?    [3 marks]

(i) Explain briefly how the kidney maintains the acid-base balance of the blood.  [6 marks]

(ii) Explain two factors that affect the functioning of the kidney   [6 marks]

*Question 2*

(A). Write a balanced chemical equation for the process of photosynthesis.   [4 marks]

i. Make a drawing 8cm – 10cm long of the transverse section of a dicotyledonous leaf and label it fully. [11 marks]

(B).State five functions of a mammalian liver. [5 marks]

*Question 3*

(A). A sample of the garden soil was placed in a measuring cylinder, enough water was added to it. It was shaken and allowed to settle for 30 minutes. Draw a diagram 6cm-8cm long to show the various layers formed and label fully.      [7 marks]

(B). State four reasons why each of the following soils is not suitable for crop production:

i. Clayey;

ii. Sandy.       [8 marks]

B(i) List two examples of refuse.    [2 marks]

(ii) State three ways in which refuse is disposed of in the community. [3 marks]

*Question 4*

(A). What is mutation?

i. List three symptoms of Down’s syndrome.

ii. State four ways each by which genetics has contributed to improvement in:

iii. medicine;

iv. agriculture.

B(i) Explain the term comparative anatomy.

(ii) State four examples of comparative anatomy.

*Question 5*

An (i) Name the two types of competition in an ecosystem.

(ii) List four factors that bring about competition among organisms.

(iii)Explain briefly the role of competition in the process of succession.

 iv. State three ways by which water is lost from living organisms to the atmosphere. 

B. Name two organisms each which are:     

i. Fluid feeders:

ii. Filter feeders.

C. State two functions each of the following parts of the mammalian skin:

i. Cornified layer;

ii Hair erector muscle;

iii. Sebaceous gland.

D(i). State four factors that can result in overcrowding in a habitat.

(Ii). State five benefits of family planning.

I believe this article was helpful. Comment if I should bring more likely questions to your doorstep.

Thank you so much for your time on this article. Please share, comment and follow me for more updates on education.

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