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We Needed Money To Go To Our Country-Two arrested suspects of James Town killers finally speaks.

It was in a broad day on the streets of James Town in the Greater Accra Region when a Police Officer accompanying a bullion van was gruesomely killed by armed robbers who were on motorbikes.

The entire street of James Town was busy on that particular day when the gang pointed their heavy ammunition at the Bullion van believed to be containing huge sums of money and also killed a pregnant woman in the process leaving the driver in severe condition.

Right from killing Constable Emmanuel Osei in Accra the robbers moved to Kyebi in the Eastern Region of Ghana, thinking no come could ever find them.

The Ghana police service has merged all their skills to make sure they are brought to book. According to facts gathered by, has it that four suspects have finally been nabbed by the vigorous work of the Police.

Two of these suspects are Musah Kamara and Suleman Keta who are believed to be brothers from Guinea.

Upon interrogation by the police these two brothers from Guinea finally revealed that they needed money to back to Guinea and start new life.

"We only needed money to back to our country but we didn't get any other job to do" Musah and Suleman revealed.

But only God knows the number of people they have murdered in their course of finding money to go back to their country.

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