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The VGMA Voting Process Should Be Reconsidered - Mr Logic

Recently, we heard about matters arising from the new winners selected for the 2021 VGMA occasion.

Some individuals expressed their displeasure regarding how certain musicians were declared winners. Others had nothing to say because their favorites were honored with a befitting title after the program.

Mr. logic, being an entertainment pundit on Peace 104.3 Fm, suggested the VGMA board takes another look at their voting percentage, among the academy, public and its organization board.

He proposed that, the share of decision-making, which was initially divided among the groups, must be reframed to another form that will be impartial to everyone.

According to the entertainment guru, he said the only problem he has with the organizers, has to do with the percentages given to the deciders of the awards ceremony, that is, the public taking the highest percentage (40), followed by the board(30) and the academy(30). 

With this, the right people who really deserve the award might not emerge as the ultimate winners, due to their inability to fund for voting, hence the richest among those nominees in the category, find it easy to grab the award at the end of the day. 

He went on to make a plea to the board, to reduce the percentage given to the public, suggesting they make it 30 percent, and leave the remaining 70 for the other two groups(the board and the academy).

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