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Must See: The Eggs bearing Tree (video)

Believe it or not, there is a video making waves on the internet about a tree that bear eggs as fruits. Yes! you read that right. There is currently a video of a man by a tree showing the fruits of the tree as eggs. Yes, real chicken/birds eggs.

In the video, the man even goes ahead to break open a few of the eggs into a plate while they are still attached to the tree branches. In formation available indicates the video was recorded somewhere in the southern part of Ghana.

some people say it was videoed in the Volta region while others also say it was in Teshie, a suburb of Accra. Whichever place the video was made, it is most certainly it was in Ghana. A man is seen in the video explaining it is his first time to see such a tree.

he then goes further to prove that the tree actually bears real eggs by grabbing a plate and a knife to break a couple of the eggs into a plate without first plucking them from the tree branches. As in a way to get people to believe what they were watching is real and not a fluke.

He breaks the egg into a plate as proof

There are a lot of people online who are shocked and surprised by the content of the video. Obviously, it is not every day one would hear of a tree that bears eggs as fruits talk less of actually seeing video evidence.

Watch: Here is the video of the eggs bearing tree.

What do you have to say after watching the video? Do you believe it to be real or is there some kind of explanation to it? let me know your opinion in the comment section below.

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