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'I have all the evidence with their faces"- Kaaka's Sister drops latest allegations against Peace FM

The news From Ejura is still trending.

Social media has become So convenient and people to trend as soon as possible. Most people are still on social media 24/7 only seeking for informations and live video of people so as they could talk about. Indeed social media have creative a lucrative avenue for people to share their experiences, views, opinions and suggestions.

Few hours ago, we have figure out the sister of the murdered Mohammed Kaaka in Ejura. She made a live streaming on NoksTV Africa of which she mentioned her name as Serwaa.

Speaking from NoksTV, the woman is very furious and she send massive allegations to peace FM as she dares them of having all the evidence about the killing of Mohammed Kaaka in Ejura. It is very sad as Ghanaians still cry for peace to prevail in Ejura and the whole Ghana at large.

The woman added that all those allegations from Peace FM claiming that Mohammed Kaaka was killed by his own brother Mohammed Iddi must be abolished as soon as possible else they will face his wrath. They cannot use that medium to denied the fact that Mohammed Kaaka was killed as a result of being a social Activist for fix the country campaign.

The woman is seen to have a point as she dares peace FM as being a political FM station under the influence of the new patriotic party NPP. The said woman by name Serwaa though she posses a muslim name but was not known, also fires Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo.

She told the president he is too quite about the current occurrence in Ejura as people were confirmed dead and others in critical conditions. The woman is much concern about the faces of those who said Kaaka was killed by his brother on peace FM so that they will deal with them as customs demands.

"I have all the evidence about what transpired in Ejura about the killing of Mohammed Kaaka. Don't come and tell us he was murdered by his own brother as a result of family land letigations. Peace FM mysteriously hired people to say all those things and am sure they are not even muslims. Peace FM refuses to show the faces of those people who said Kaaka was murdered by his brother. I have the evidence and you people did not show their faces" - Woman lament woefully.

She went further and urge Nana Addo to initiate the habit of early burial for Ghanaians as it is done in Islamic. She praised the Islamic religion for ensuring good initiatives for the good of the people in Islam. She claim the late Mohammed Kaaka is a cool and gentle man who does not abuse anyone but yet they killed him and they want to divert the case on his brother to be a murderer.

Let peace prevail in Ejura and Ghana. Use the link below to watch the full words of the woman.

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