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With This Brazilian Ronaldo Haircut How Can You Get A Date? Ghanaians Trolls Fatima Once Again

Social media is currently buzzing again with comments and reactions from a show that is openly making Ghanaians glued to their viewing television screens.

Sunday evening has become tempting to get glued to TV3 broadcasting television network with it's heightened drama on Ghanaian television screens. 

With heartbreaking moments to sensationally lovely moments date Rush has become glued to Ghanaians.

Talking of heartbreaking in this dramatic show, one character [lady] in the spotlight show has become the talk of the show as she seem not to be getting the attention love clicks on the live love show. 

Fatima has become the topmost talk about after what happened on today's show live on TV3.

After a rousing hope shot out from the early happening on the show, Fatima was in high hope in getting her own special guy, but it ended that she has to wait for another week to hope again.

Fatima has been on the talking lips of Ghanaians with why she's not getting any guy to fish her out on the live love show.

Ghanaians have openly shot out so many comments and assertions with relationship to why Fatima is not getting hooked up and staying too long in the show.

Take a swipe on the comments that trooped in on why they believe Fatima will never get a date.

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