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VIDEO: Know The Type Of School Your Kids Attend; See What These Kids Were Allowed To Do At A Party

As a parent, it will be best to attend every special occasion organized by your kids' school yourself. Sometimes the kids are given immoral roles to play at an event that you have no idea about. And if you leave everything to the teachers they might probably destroy the moral values of your kids for you.

According to a Facebook user known as Luqman Abdulganiyu, the small kids in your pictures were at the end of year school party. Looking at the picture below, a small girl and a boy between the ages of 4 to 7 years has been ordered by adults at the party to demonstrate a wild twerking. The girl put her hand on a plastic chair and raised her buttock for the small boy to smooch. How they were demonstrating in the video shows that these kids have been doing these for a long time.

The screenshot below is another set of small kids doing the unthinkable at the command of adults. If this is really a school end of year party, then this world needs to end very quickly. What would these children become in the future if they are able to learn from adults how to smooch each other.

You cannot blame these kids too much because it was the teachers or adults at the party who directed them to display this immoral act. Checking the Facebook profile of Luqman Abdulganiyu, he is a Nigerian. Meaning this event took place in Nigeria but not Ghana.

You can also watch the video through this link:

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