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Rev. Obofour Will Stop His Prophetic Ministration And Become A President- Prophet Declares

The founder of Emmanuel Deliverance Prayer Ministry, Prophet Emmanuel Acheampong who is popularly known as Prophet Lion, has declared that the Reverend Obofour of Anointed Palace Chapel shall become Ghana’s President in the future. According to him, it has been revealed to him a prophecy that the powerful man of God shall abandon his ministry and become an elected President to lead Ghana into a transformative and prosperous future.


Prophet Lion indicated that the prophecy was unveiled to him two weeks ago by the holy spirit. He mentioned that his word is pure and without any biases given that he does not know or have met Rev. Obofour in his life for one to think he is making it up.


The Prophet recounted that his prophecy about Rev. Obofour as being crowned a chief had come to pass, and so shall this be. He noted that none of his prophecies had failed, a reason Ghanaians should not take his words for granted.


He shared that in his vision the spirit revealed to him that the seat of government is empty in the spiritual realm and that Ghana’s prosperity hangs in the balance due to certain matters that have not been resolved. Prophet Lion mentioned that the angels of God and the spirit of Kwame Nkrumah have ordained that Rev. Obofour becomes president.


“This time, just about two weeks ago, I had this vision, and it keeps getting back at me that I should tell Rev. Obofour that he will forgo his prophetic ministration and become a President of this nation. The seat of government is unoccupied. There is no one entitled to it in the spiritual realm. It is a message from the angels and Nkrumah,” he reiterated.


The Prophet did not indicate when this prophecy would manifest but trusted Ghanaians to be patient for that prophecy to unfold. He stressed that Rev. Obofour is anointed and highly favored and it would be through him the country would be transformed.

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