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'Missing' Gyaasehene of Tarkwa denies being kidnapped

Dr. Nana Adarkwa Bediako II, Gyaasehene of the Apinto Divisional Council in the Western Region has stated emphatically that he has not been kidnapped as reported on Thursday by some media houses.

This news has come to contradict what was widely published in the news since yesterday.

Security Officials within the region massed up efforts to bring the king to his people and restore calm in the community when the news broke out about his disappearance in the community. It was widely known that about 3 days ago, the traditional leader of the aforementioned divisional Stool land was reported to have gone missing.

Today, July 16, 2021, the Western Regional Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ewurabena Adiku made it known to members of the fourth estate, as the Chief has told the Police Department.

According to reports coming from the Police Service, Dr. Nana Adarkwa told them that he went to the bank for an official transaction. From there, he was walking in town when he met someone who told him that some unknown individuals have planned his execution. 

He therefore reacted spontaneously by taking the available taxi to a place he believed was a safe haven for him and came out when he felt he has made the necessary arrangements for those threats to die down. 

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