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Photo Of The Day: The First Triplet Brothers to Marry Triplet Sisters On The Same Day (Photos)

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman who agree to share the spend the rest of their lives together. We have seen a lot of surprises in marriages over the years, we have come across situations where twins brothers tie the knot with their female twin counterparts.

Nowadays, it is not new to hear about a mother giving birth to triplets, but what is rare is that triplets marry another set of triplets on the same day. What is more amazing is that one wonders where they might have met each other, because it is not common that triplets agrees to marry triplets from the same family and in the same day.

This is about the extraordinary couples that we have never seen on this earth who have created alot to ponder about in the public. If this type of story was narrated without evidence, one would have dismissed it immediately without looking back but with pictures from friends and family it is very obvious it really took place.

The triplet brothers, Kenechukwu, Chinedu and Chukwuebuka, were married to triplet sisters, Okwuoma, Dumalu and Chinwe who all received blessings from both families and the occasion was graced by close family and friends.

We pray to God to give them everlasting joy....what's your opinion? let's hear your thoughts

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