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Meet The Beautiful Family Of Reggie Rockstone And His Expensive Cars.

natural in the U.K. on April 11, 1964, Reginald Osei aka Reggie Rockstone fond of himself to the Hip do advance in the ahead of schedule 80's as a dancer. Travelling on a tri-continental foundation (i.e. Accra, New York, London), he broadened his Hip jump scope. A effortless actress and qualified actor, he grabbed the mic with no riddle as his business came in 1991.

His earliest 'fifteen minutes of fame' came as a performer in Accra, Ghana in the before time 80's. His second accidental of fame came in 1992-93 as organ of one of the put the lid on rap groups from London, England. He belonged to PLZ (Parables, Linguistics and Zlang) with Fredi Funkstone, Jay (both from West Africa) & DJ Pogo of the U.K. figure one hits from PLZ built-in "If it Aint PLZ" and an EP at liberty "Build a fence in Around Your Dreams" on the loose on an unconventional pigeonholing called "Go For the Juggler." 1994 became the cut-off point or spinning stage in his entertainment career.

The rap commotion in London was not pleasing enough. He returned to Accra to run into a entire age bracket of inhabit grooving to African-American rhythms, the entire a lot influenced by the similar essentials of Hip bound that he knew every one of moreover well.

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