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'See One-room Apartment Where A Man Lives That Sparked Reactions' (photos)

When deciding where to live, it’s best to weigh out the pros and cons. Once you do that, you just might discover the overwhelming pros that apartment living can offer.

Good apartments in Ghana depend on a number of elements, the most essential of which is finance. These are extremely crucial aspects to consider before you rent an apartment in Ghana, particularly in major towns such as Accra and Kumasi. That is why many individuals prefer to rent one-room flats, although they may not be the greatest.

Some people aren't born in rich family or earn little money to sustain them through the day, thus the room they rent in is awful. An excellent example to see below.

There are photos depicting a man's one-room flat on many social media. Room looks ragged and dirty, however, and people immediately got to talk about it. To me nothing is wrong with his room don't know why people are mocking him. Maybe because it's unkept can you leave in such dirty room?

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