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What you should understand, to get a curvy woman.

All over the world people have been wondering why African women have big butt are so curvy. Untouchably the structure formation begins as a kid, the kind of food eaten, manual labour done at home as well as the almighty beads.

Our forefathers believed the beads were a great way to shape the women of which it has been practiced till date.

In the world science this heavy backside is referred to as Steatopygia, which is having substantial amount of tissue on your thighs or buttocks. Steatopygia is generic condition that leads to adipose tissue at the backside. This is usually found in most/all African women with just a minority group of men affected.

Steatopygia begins right in infancy within children with this generic characteristic. Saartjie Baartman in the 19th Century was exhibited as a freak in Europe for having a heavy backside. This situation was quiet new in the Western Europe and became a subject of scientific research.

Note that feminine beauty which includes female body shape varies from culture to culture and pressure to conform to such standards can have pure psychological effects on people causing eating disorders, depressions, anxiety and low self-esteem.

But thank God for Africa, We are already blessed with this gifts and just a little effort is needed in maintaining it.

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