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Never Eat These Foods After 7PM, They May Be Dangerous.

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In today's article , we will be discussing about some food that should be avoided after 7pm in the night and their effect on the body.

1.Foods that should be avoided after 7pm.

Normally light foods may be preferred to heavy foods during dinner .Not all light foods are supposed to be eating late in the night. For example, we mostly take in bread and tea in the night, you may think this food collaboration is very good since it is very light.

Eating breads late in the night is proven to be very dangerous to our health. Breads contains much of carbohydrates , this takes more hours in digestion and can lead to indigestion , constipation and health complications.

Surgary foods.

Do you know eating sugary foods can cause changes in your blood pressure. Sugars and milk must be avoided in the night. Despite the fact that they may cause tooth decay ,sugary foods can also rise up blood levels thus hypertension patients and obese people should avoid the consumption of too much sugar.

Heavy foods.

1. Pounded yams.



With the heavy foods , I would like to highlight the above foods , they contains much carbohydrates which causes difficulty in digestion. Food like Eba may take about 5 to 6hours before it's digestion may take place.


Most of our young ones prefer eating indomie late at night. Indomie takes about 14hours in digestion thus it is very to Bad to eat it late at night.

Others foods we must not eat at night. or caffeine foods .

2.oily foods


1. Causes Indigestion and hypertension.

Eating these foods late at night may causes hypertension which can lead to heart attacks and sudden death. Also indigestion can also lead to health complications.

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