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Check out The One Secret That Shows Who Pope Francis Really Is

Many in the Catholic media make up for Pope Francis' actions by exaggerating them or failing to report unfavorable news. The Catholic media is ignoring a debate over whether Francis is the Pope. Because those who believe he is not the Pope are in the minority, Catholic media has avoided the subject. Those who are on the wrong side of the issue may pay a high price.

To say that the Pope is not the Pope is equivalent to saying that the President is not the President. One must be confident before taking that risk. As we've seen, claiming Joe Biden's election was rigged is risky.

Some Catholics believe Francis is not the rightful Pope because his election was rigged. The charge was leveled eight years before Joe Biden's election.

A group of liberal prelates gathered in Saint Gallen, Switzerland, are accused of manipulating Jorge Bergoglio's election. They allegedly fabricated a scandal involving Cardinal Angelo Scola, another pontiff "contender. " Read more about the " St. Gallen Mafia.""

Pope Benedict XVI's resignation is also cited as proof that Francis is not the Pope. This is a difficult issue whose resolution is dependent on how canon law is interpreted and Pope Benedict's intentions. The legitimacy of the papal election would not have been called into question. If Francis wasn't widely regarded as a bad pope.

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A "bad pope" can be corrupt and immoral, or hold incorrect beliefs, or both. In Francis' case, "bad pope" refers to incorrect beliefs rather than immorality (though Francis' association with corrupt people has raised questions about his character).

"Bad pope" is less contentious than "not pope." Many supporters of Francis' pontificate admit that he is a bad pope. This is the viewpoint of Michael Voris, the founder of the popular orthodox Catholic website Church Militant. Despite Church Militant's criticisms and controversies, Voris dismisses the claim that Francis is not the Pope. He, like other supporters of Francis' legitimacy, points out that Church history has shown many popes to be guilty of simony, sexual immorality, or mistaken belief.

The final category calls the Pope's infallibility into question. According to Voris and others, there is a distinction between holding an incorrect perspective and preaching that it is a dogma that all Catholics must believe. As a result, a pope's personal beliefs, such as his in-flight remarks to reporters, are not infallible. Scholars of canon law argue that none of Francis' official publications are infallible.

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