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"Another Big Scam Deal Cooking" - Bentil Reveals What Gov't Is Preparing To Unleash

Ghanaian lawyer, author and social media commentator, who doubles as the vice President for Imani Center for Policy and Education think tank, Kofi Bentil has hinted that there is another big scam being cooked underway you steal and loot Ghanaians resources.

In a social media post on his Facebook page, Kofi Bentil revealed that he has read something which he is yet to disclose the details, but everything in there shows another massive scam which is going to fry Ghanaians brains once again even as the fight of Agyapa Royalty deal continues.

According to Kofi Bentil, he has spotted a shaddy DCS company which is set to collect increased property taxes instead of the people who are authorised to do so, which is the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)

He hinted on speaking on the deal very soon for his followers to know how the government is planning to loot everything they come across.

"Another scam being cooked up for a shady DCS company to collect increased property taxes instead of GRA. Stay tuned. Must everything be looted?" He questioned in a post.

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