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Josephine had a miscarriage on the fourth month of her pregnancy - Angel TV alleges

Obuobi Boadu hosted the noon news on ANGEL TV today 25th September 2021. The case about the kidnaping and the fake pregnancy Brouhaha is still trending and Obuobi Boadu dived into the case again and produces latest update.

According to Obuobi speaking on Angel TV, Josephine was indeed pregnant but she experience miscarriage on the fourth month of her pregnancy. But out of fear and panic, she has no courage to tell her husband about the miscarriage. As a result of this, Josephine decided to use artificial materials to still shows that she is pregnant.

When the time approach for her to give birth on the nine month, she have to look for alternative to show to the husband that, the pregnancy there is no more. As a result she thought of the plan of kidnap to show that the Kidnappers took the baby away after delivery.

"The new update from Takoradi shows that, Josephine was indeed pregnant. But on the fourth month of her pregnancy, she had miscarriage and she cannot tell her husband. So, she was only looking for ways to make the husband believe that, the babies were taken away by Kidnappers of which that is not the truth." - Obuobi Stated.

This is the latest update from Oboubi Boadu on ANGEL TV this afternoon, watch the video below.

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