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Family Escaped Death After Car Smashed Into Their House Just 2 Minutes After They Had Gone To Bed

A family in Delta State, Nigeria would be thanking God after they escape death by the whisker as a car smashed on their house last night.

According to a popular blog Warri Aproko Special on it Facebook page, said that the incident happened at the Otu-Udu community as the driver of the car lost control due to brake failure and rammed onto the wall of the family house causing a hole on the wall.

What makes the whole story interesting is that the woman of the house said that her children were sleeping on a mat outside the house at the very spot that the car ran through.

She noted that it was barely two minutes when she took the children inside the room that the incident occurred.

Imagine the kind of disaster that would have befell the children if they had not been moved inside the house by their mother.

The pictures of the car shows the bonnet was seriously damaged. This suggests that the car must have been on high speed before it lost control.

This incident is worth giving a testimony in the church as the impact of the accident would have been very terrible on the family.

However, no casualty on the side of the driver or occupant of the car was reported.

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