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Do You Dream Of Ants? This Is What It Means When You Dream Of Ants

Numerous people might know what ants are but they do not know the spiritual aspect or implication when it comes to seeing them in your dream.

Firstly, what are ants?Ants are social insects, meaning they live in large colonies or groups.Depending on the species, ant colonies can consist of millions of them.Soldier ants protects their queen, defend the colony, gather food, attack enemy colony in search for resting place or food.

Symbolism Of Ants:

Ants are symbol of strength, diligence, will power, patience, sacrifice, unity, stamina, determination and loyalty.Despite the minute size of ants, the posses a spiritual and immense strength of accomplishment, telling us nothing comes easy in life without will power and effort.

Meaning Of Ants In Your Dream

The number of ants one sees or the interpretation of your dream determine what your dream is about whether positive or negative. Ants physically posses good trait but spiritually, it becoming one the instruments of the agents of darkness to attack in dreams.

Here are some of the dreams you will have and it meaning:

1.Dreaming of 3 ants on bed or around you:This means 3 enemies and if on bed they are attackers of your marriage, hence marital problems.

2.Biting aspect of the ant:This is afflictions in your life or painful experiences to come.for example problem of marriage, business or illness.

3.Crawling on your body:meaning there is someone or spirit monitoring your life which can either bring you failures or prosperity.

4.seeing them on your cloths means garment pollution or spirit of worry.

The only thing that can safe us is to pray or seek spiritual guidance per your believes and religion but as Christians, Ephesians 6:11 says the armour of God will equip us to withstand spiritual attacks .PRAYER IS THE KEY whether your dream is possitive or negative.

Am grateful to all for reading this article.Please educate others who also do not know the meaning of their ant dreams.Thank you.

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