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10year Old School Boy's Head Smashed By Speeding Tipper Truck At Kasoa

A lot has happened at Kasoa lately, from the death of the 10year old boy who was killed by his friends for ritual purposes and to a young school boy, believed to be 10years who met his untimely death Thursday morning at Awutu Beraku.

According to eyewitnesses, they were two boys crossing the road to the other side, the younger one quickly went back when he saw the tipper truck but the other, unfortunately was hit by the tipper truck in an attempt to cross quickly before the truck reaches him.

The tipper truck with registration number GR 8763 - 21 was from Kasoa heading towards Awutu Beraku when he hit the school boy. His head was smashed.

According to eyewitnesses, drivers have been speeding on the road each and everyday because there are no speed ramps on the road.

However, residents are calling on Ministry of Highways to come to their aid.

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The question is, must there always be an issue before we do the needful? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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