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The mad man kofi Adoma made The mad man kofi Adoma made popular

Kofi Adoma 

Holy messenger FM Broadcaster, Kofi Adoma Nwanwani gives subtleties from the Rehabilitation place where famous VIP maniac, Kofi Ampofo otherwise known as "Mo Na Mobl3" is getting medicines at. 

On twentieth April, 2021, Popular Ghanaian Mad big name amicably called "Mona Mobl3" was moving after an image showing his new take care of he shaved off Rasta hair sprung up. 

"Mo Na Mo bl3" turned into an easily recognized name after Kofi Ampofo was seen in a moving video telling individuals who were hectically working that they are simply working for him to appreciate toward the end. 

His term "Mo Na Mobl3" was utilized as image in interesting recordings and surprisingly an artist utilized it as a title of his tune. 

He later was met by Kofi Tv where his folks along with some relatives point by point the beginning of his psychological sickness, click here to watch the video. 

In the image spotted by, the famous Celebrity maniac has acquired another look as his Rasta hair has been shaved. Despite the fact that he looks unrecognizable, he looks adorable. 

Kofi Adoma Nwanwani who through his assistance is seeing Kofi Ampofo to recuperate his psychological sickness has given a report on his wellbeing at the Rehabilitation Center. 

As indicated by Kofi Adoma of Kofi Tv, he prescribed Kofi Ampofo to manage his hair and not to totally have it shaved off in light of the fact that it addresses his image yet others proposed in any case which made the mainstream "Mona Mobl3" man to have his Rasta being trimmed off. 

Uncovering Mona Mobl3's assertion after he had his hair shaved, Kofi Tv expressed that the day after his hair style, he had a sound rest since he delighted noticeable all around that went through his shaved hair. 

Likewise, Kofi Adoma uncovered that Mo Na Mobl3 has missed his family as he continues to search for a telephone to arrive at his folks at home. 

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