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Protect yourself from all forms of Juju and other evil powers

The creator did not only placed human on earth but he provided protection and security for him through nature.

The world is evil, the days are evil,some people are wicked. Even as you are minding your own business and struggles some one is busy pulling you down.

In this article l will teach you how to use just one local chicken egg and one leaf of Sodom Apple plant to protect yourself from all kind of evil powers or juju.

First off all wake up midnight and don't talk to anybody. Use the local salt to bath and don't use towel to clean yourself. Let the water dry by itself. After, pray for forgiveness of sin and follow these steps

1) Pluck one leaf of Sodom Apple plant at 12 midnight on your day of birth in the week,eg Monday , Tuesday e.t.c

walk bare footed to the plant with a coin and rain water in a calabash. Say "agoo ,agoo ,agoo" thus 3 times to the plant mention the name of the plant and talk to the plant you have come for help, pour the rain water under it and add the coin. Tell the plant what you want it to do for you as protection then pluck a leaf. Thank the plant and move at least 7 steps backwards before you turn your back and go.

2) Take your egg and place it on the leaf and put it in a calabash or plate.Dont let it torch the bare ground.

Read psalm 35 and Psalm 23 over the egg and the leaf and pray invoking the spirit of God to protect your entire life.

Wrap the egg in the leaf and tire it well with any metallic tread so that the egg doesn't fall out of the leaf. Be careful not to brake the egg

3) Go out with your firewoods set a fire ,put your egg wrapped in the leaf in the fire, till the egg is roasted.

4) Remove the egg from the leaf and face the east and tell all creations and God to protect you. Eat the egg alone, don't share with anyone.

NOTE: Do all these rituals at midnight on your day of birth in the week.

You can also do this to your children to protect them.

II) Use rain water that fell from the sky straight in a bowl not on a roof before poring down.

III) use local egg.

IV) Don't do this on gas cooker or coal pot.

V) Keep your self from all sexual intercourse and activities.

Please follow the directions strictly for better results.

Many will teach you herbs but won't teach you the precised procedures.

Thank you for reading. Like, share and comment for more detail direction.

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