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Check out how an artist made a 666 shoe

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it's a brand new day. We thank God for the gift of life and thank you for clicking on my article. I appreciate your time and today's topic is about an artist who was possessed by demonic powers in making a 666 shoe with the co-operation with the Nike company.Lil Nas X is an American rapper, singer and song writer. He was born in April 9,1999. He is 22 years old.

He then co-operate with Nike to make a shoe personally for himself on his Birthday. The shoe was made up of demonic symbols which Nike do not accept his endorsement of his shoe namly Lil Nas X's pair of shoes. The Nike company is scared of losing customers so they came out with a conclusion that Lil Nas X's shoes is not authorized by them. Check-out the demonic symbols of lil Nas X's shoes

People says it's a Satanic shoes. It's even out in markets for sale. To know more of this check out on Google for more information. Thanks for reading my article may God richly bless you and please don't forget to perform the covid-19 protocols stay safe and mask up.

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