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Entire Captain Smart's Onua TV Crew Wears Black-Black; Sad Interpretation Revealed.

Onua TV morning show host Captain Smart lined his crew members up in the studio as he made a sad and emotional Interpretation of their dressing for the day. The crew members were all wearing black black.

According to Captain Smart, black signifies Sadness. To him, he carefully chose the black uniform for the crew members because he wants them to always get happy together. Again, he wants them to learn how to share sorrow when the need arises.

" It's very sad that many people always look for happiness. Once you get a problem, they run away from you. Sadly, we don't know the minds of humans unless they act" Captain Smart emotionally and sadly explained further.

" All of my crew members are wearing black. However, their jeans colors are different. That should let you know that they have different mindsets and attitude. Again, it's very sad that we can't figure out each other's plans" Captain Smart added.

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