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7 Tricks To Charge your Phone Battery Faster and Safer

Mobile phones has arguably become one of the basic needs in life in this current world. Most people cannot live a minute without their mobile phones since almost everything needed by man can easily be achieved with just a tap on the mobile phone. Whether you need to order for some food to eat, business transactions, recording and manipulation of documents, etc, you can just use your mobile phone. However, no matter how important your mobile phone is to you, you will have to give it some time to charge up the battery.

Due to how eager you always want to use your phone and how it takes long to charge up your phone, it is inevitable to know certain tricks with which you can use to charge your phones quickly.

Turn off your phone

To charge your phone faster, just turn off your phone while charging. When the phone is turned off, it won’t used any and this will only allow the energy going in to be faster than usual.

Put the phone on airplane mode

Putting the phone on an airplane mode minimizes or disconnects all communication channels and this help the phone to use less energy. Therefore, it will take less time for the phone to charge up.

Use Wi-fi instead

There are some people who cannot use their phones without the internet and such people will not find the first two tricks useful. With such, use a WiFi connection instead of mobile network. WiFi is energy efficient and will use less energy while charging which will enable the phone to charge faster.

Turn off the sound and never put it on vibration

Another trick to help charge your phone faster is to turn off the sound of the phone. While turning off the sound, don’t put it on vibration since it will just waste the battery. 

Use original charger 

To charge your phone faster and safer, use the original charger from the manufacturer. Using cheap or any source of outlet will slow down the rate at which it charges. Some batteries may even catch fire if you persistently use chargers which are of low quality.

• Do not put your phone in the way of the sun when charging your mobile phone. Such high temperatures waste energy in batteries and do not help the phone to charge faster

• Train your battery by charging it when it gets to about 40% to at least 80% before removing the charger. Once in a while, let the battery drain off to 0% and then charge it up to 100% but don’t do this often.

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