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Last day of August: Say this prayer before you leave the house and see what happens.

1. Gracious Lord show benevolence upon me and family today. Convey my spirit from each type of injustices and sins. 

2. I submit my ways into your hands toward the beginning of today, assume liability for my otherworldly and monetary life. 

3. Gracious Lord my God, save me from each soul of lethargy and lingering 

4. Top me off with elegance to do take advantage of in this current age. Take me to one more element of significance gracious Lord. 

5. Leave my name alone call for favor today and let your endowments stream in my life. 

6. Father Lord increment my drift and develop my ownership this day. Cause my work to be compensated plentifully. 

7. Master crown all my work in existence with progress. Assist me with accomplishing what my folks couldn't accomplish. 

8. Immerse my existence with beauty to dominate in my scholastics, business and marriage. 

9. I cover my life and everybody near me with the blood of Jesus Christ, thank you goodness Lord for supplication replied 

For in Jesus name I ask Amen.

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