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Stop Saying “Thank You” After Making Love, Here Is What You Should Tell Your Partner

It doesn't have to be literally saying “thank you” just show your partner gratitude for doing something for you! Whether it's saying thank you, reciprocating, saying how amazing that was and how sexy your partner it is however you naturally express yourself, do it.

Just don't take it for granted. tell her how precious she is and just whisper sweet words. 

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That was awesome

This is one thing that can boost any man's confidence. Say this after sex and your man will just love hearing it.

You know what makes me wild too well

This is just another way of appreciating your man for considering and understanding your needs so well. The next time he will take extra care of your sexual needs and desires. He will focus more on your satisfaction.

I’m so lucky you’re my man/woman, you really know where all my buttons are, There’s one thing I like, the way you make me feel, Thank you for taking me to heaven, i love you, you’re the best.

Now that I have shared with you how to compliment someone seually after bed romance, to build a stronger connection, make your partner feel valued and appreciated, what other things do you personally say after having the best bed romance ever?

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