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Monday Demo: "Accept It And Stay In Your Homes Peacefully"- NDC Told

The National Democratic Congress has been told to accept Ghana Police Service respond giving to them on Monday Demonstration. The NDC has received a letter from Ghana police officers informing them that they should not go on the streets to protest in Accra on Monday as planned by them.

According to NDC's George Oppare Addo on Facebook, he has stated that whether Ghana Police Service like it or not they go out and demonstrate on Monday for they don't need their protecting before they will protest in the country as Ghana police Service has told them that, they can't protect them.

"@GHPoliceService has responded to our notice of a street protest by declining us security and citing non existent laws to stop the march. Our counter response is simple, it has no basis to prevent us from embarking on this protest! It will certainly come on! I entreat all Ghanaians to join in as we seek justice for Kaaka Macho and the Ejura 2. #Justice4Kaaka #Justice4Ejura2" he said on his social media wall but Ghanaians have advised them to stop.

According to Ghanaians who reacted to his post, it will be better for NDC party to accept what Ghana police have told them rather than going out to seek Justice for Ghanaians who died at Ejura. Ghanaians who are now afraid of Security officers who are supposed to give them security protections is now advising the NDC that they should stay at home peacefully instead of creating another tension in the country.

Ghanaians are now afraid of Ghana security officers because of how they are handling weapons in the country. Ayawasu west wuogon incident, Techiman South killings during the election and Ejura incident has created much fear in them although some people thought that NDC want to use the opportunity to get favor from Ghanaians.

Someone reacted to the post by saying: Accept it and stay in your homes peacefully. A word to a wise is enough.

"After your monumental failure to lead the NDC youth to secure victory for your party in the 2020 elections, you want to ride on the death of Kaaka to whitewash your political image wobbling in the mud" someone told George but wanted to mean different thing altogether.

Someone thought and said: Very simple. They said they can't provide you with security so please write to them that we don't need their protection to go on a street protest and demonstration. We are happy going without them.

"No youth should follow any politician into the streets. They should go to the streets with their families, because if you fight for any politician or political party and win power, they will dump you. And they will rather enjoy the power with their families and girl friends. Youth of Ghana think twice before you lose your precious lives" someone strongly advised Ghanaians especially the Youth.

Meanwhile, court of the land has granted fixthecountry movement a chance to demonstrate in the country. Some Ghanaians are asking that "are we in democratic state? Is Demonstration now a crime in the country?"

However, veteran journalist like Kwesi Pratt Jnr, Manasseh Azure Awuni and other notable journalists has stated that Ghana Police Service should stop preventing the right of Ghanaians to demonstrate.

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