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4 mistakes ladies make when they like a guy

1)They don't do anything.

Several ladies have this belief that the man is always supposed to make the first move when it comes to relationships. And when he does not, we blame ourselves probably thinking we are not beautiful enough to make him attracted to us. When you like a guy, it is okay to make the first move say initiating conversations. It is okay to make eye contact, it is okay to smile at him. If he is interested, he will take it from there, it is okay if he does not sometimes things don't just go the way we want it to.

2) Giving too much too soon.

Don't push it. Don't start to like all of his posts. Don't start giving him money. It is okay to give him gifts but don't give gifts like a car, a house. Don't be the one to be taking him for dates. We tend to resolve our likes around him instead of letting him fit in. For example, you are free on saturdays and he is free on Wednesdays but you have midweek services on Wednesdays so he asks you out on Wednesday and you cancel out on God and go out with him. Don't give him too much attention. Don't do too much otherwise he is going to take you for granted.

3) Ignoring the red flags.

He is probably cute, has the six packs, he goes to church regularly,he is funny, He makes time for you so you don't pay attention to what the fact that he nearly beat you up the other time. Never forget to enter a relationship with a Godfearing man. If he is Godfearing, you are good to go. He can be going to church every sunday and not be Godfearing. We are not ready to walk away probably because your friends are all married and you can't let him go because he is your only 'hope'. Our God is living, He made you a better half for someone. You are his child, He knows the number of hairs on your head. Are you not worth more than a sparrow? Matthew 10:31. At the right time, God will come through.

4) Cutting off all accountability.

Most times when we ladies like a man, we forget warnings from our friends and family because we are so deeply in love with him. Some even go to extent of cutting off all ties with their family because they said he is not good for you. We do not want to hear from anyone. Always remember that your family was there before he came in and may be there after he leaves but you don't know his intention for you. Don't rush.

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