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Prophet Uebert Angel reveals the only reason that will make him distance himself from Pastor Chris.

The famous Zimbabwean man of God and founder of Spirit Embassy, Prophet Uebert Angel has revealed a reason that will make him distance himself away from the founder and president of Love World Incorporated, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. 

In a Facebook post today, Prophet Uebert Angel emphatically stated that the renowned Nigerian man of God and global evangelical preacher, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is his spiritual father.

However, Prophet Uebert Angel asserted that he would disassociate himself from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome when it is a time for rapture. Rapture is an event of which Christians believe that Jesus Christ would return and gather the souls of living believers to heaven. 

According to Prophet Uebert Angel, it would be a great privilege for him to be chosen among the saints in world during rapture. Hence, he will not leave his spiritual father no matter the circumstances or situations that will come between them. 

He wrote that, 

“There is only one reason that can cause me to leave pastor Chris, that is, the day rapture happens. And even so, I will still be so greatly honoured to be with him amongst the Saints beyond rapture. So is there a day I will ever walk away from my father? it is not happening - no such day exists! Jesus is Lord. God gave me a mentor.”

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