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If you are not doing these five things, your woman will always cheat. Check it out.

Women are somewhat vulnerable creatures that need love and affection from men. In every relationship, men are the ones who must love and appreciate their women. There are somethings that a man must do in order to secure his lover. If that is not done, we’ll, your woman is going to cheat or better still jilt you. The following are five things that need to be done in order for a woman to stay with her man. 

The first one is, a man must always hold the hands of his lady anytime they are waking together. Normally many men do not think about the fact that, women want to be shown or exposed to the world. Every lady wants her man to show her to the world and not hide her. So as a man, you must hold your lady’s hand if you want her to stay with you for a long time without leaving you. 

Also, as a man, you must take your woman out sometime. Most men always want to stay in the house and be eating from the same bowl everyday. Once in a while take your woman out and treat her to a nice delicacy. Sometimes too, if you can’t take her out, you can call her over to your place and cook for her. Cook her favorite food and let her enjoy your cooking also. Not only is the woman suppose to cook. The man too can cook. 

Also gift her something once a while. Most men don’t want to spend on their women. If you want your woman to always be with you and love you no matter what, surprise her with gifts. Don’t always wait for her to demand something. Out of your own free will, go outside and buy her something that you think she always wants. When this is done, the lady will stay with you forever. 

Moreover, plan a shower with her. Most women are shy of their men. They always don’t want their guys to see their nakedness. Tell her you are not ashamed of her body. Encourage her that you like how she looks. Most women love it when their guys complement their body. Go ahead and plan a shower together and you will find out how she is going to love you. 

Last but not the least, gossip with her. Always messy men after work like to keep what happened at work to themselves. Share your day with your woman. Make sure she is the one you tell all the hot gossips to and no one else, when that is done you will realize that you woman will stay with you forever. 

Content created and supplied by: KwameNtiKwame (via Opera News )


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