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[Sad Video]: The Only Footbridge At Teshie Demo Collapses; Affected Residents Appeal For Help.

Many issues are going on in the olden days and we do not have ideas about it. But now thank to social media through technology advancement. Everything that is happening is made available on all social media platforms for support view and when the need arises, it then calls for public Support.

Sad video from the Greater Accra Region causes stir on Social media precisely on Facebook which was confirmed by Metro TV. According to the video, some residents at Teshie located in the Southern part of Greater Accra Region were finding it difficult to move from one end of the footbridge to the other side. The video confirmed that, the footbridge is the only means used by those people living around Teshie Demo. The bridge has collapsed and it was become a death trap to to all the people.

As a result, the residents at Teshie Demo are calling for help so that, their only footbridge would be repaired as soon as possible to avoid danger and death.

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