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Pokuase Interchange: Mixed Reactions After President Akuffo-Addo Reveals Who Built It

The President of the Republic, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, has finally commissoned the Four Tier Pokuase Interchange in the Greater Accra Region on Friday, July 9, 2021, to end the long-term nightmares of commuters within and around the vicinity.

In a Facebook post, President Akuffo-Addo revealed that the original contract design was to construct a three tier interchange. However, his efficient government managed to modify the three tier interchange into a four tier interchange under the same contract amount of capital.

"It is important to put on record that the original contract design was a three tier interchange. However, through efficient management by my government, the interchange was modified into a four tier structure within the same contract sum," President Nana Akuffo-Addo wrote.

This passage of the statement on Facebook was taken seriously by his followers who are obviously on the side of former President John Dramani Mahama. According to most of them, Nana Akuffo-Addo was right put that passage there. At least he has not credited the work to himself alone. They said that John Mahama designed started the three tier structure and Nana Akuffo-Addo added one and competed it all.

Here are some reactions on the Facebook page of the president.

Someone has this to say, "Thank you Mr President for the good work. However we say that governance is a continuous thing so it would been appropriate to invite your predecessor, John Dramani Mahama, who initiated the project just as Late President Mills invited President Kuffour when commissioning the N1 Highway and John Mahama also invited President Kuffour when commissioning the Bui Dam."

Someone also said, "Inviting John Mahama to this ceremony would have added colour, and kill lots of tensions in the country."

"You should have done the needful by simply acknowledging the one who came out with the plan plainly. After all, in the end of it all only Ghana wins, not you," another person commented.

However, President Nana Addo charges users of the interchange, especially drivers, to ensure the safe use of the facility. He told them to observe all the road safety measures put in place to ensure that the facility is always in good shape.

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