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I Am A Staunch Pentecost Church Member But I Must Say Religion Is Killing Us - Captain Smart

Captain Godsbrain Kwadwo Smart has bemoaned the manner in which the youth of the country have given and devoted all their to religious activities instead of working to enhance their lives. Speaking on the Smart Show on Smart TV on Tuesday night, 18th May, 2021. It is quite disturbing how Ghanaians like to put all their faith in pastors rather than apportioning the time at their disposal well to create a proper livelihood for themselves. He further expressed that even God is disappointed in us as a people because we are only being church goers and not Christians as we claim. Throughout the week, some people will attend all activities of the church forgetting that there is a time to work and earn an income.

"God does not listen to prayerful people but listens to prayerful thinkers", Captain remarked. We have made these posters demigods for ourselves such that the little income we earn are also channelled into their pockets to make them rich and live good lives, while we continue to suffer in hardships. It has come to a time when the need to have a rethink of ourselves and rise up and build our future instead of building the future of these pastors.

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