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Ghanaians Snub Captain Smart on His Outrageous Claim on Ghana About Putting His Blood on the Line

Captain Smart is one of the outspoken journalists that has dominated the mainstream media of Ghana. He has made a lot of statements in relation to politics that most of his fans love and cherish.

The renowned journalist has taken to his studio, which was broadcasted live on facebook today to make some outrageous statements that many Ghanaians find it difficult to believe.

On his Facebook live post, he made it clear that he would speak for Ghana even at the last drop of his blood. The fans of Captain Smart has found this difficult to believe and made a lot of comments in relation to his statement.

It is however noteworthy that not everyone opposed his claim. Few saw his claim as an act of boldness, but the majority of Ghanaians saw it as a a claim that lacks standard.

Kwame Owusu was quick to alert Captain Smart that his blood can do nothing for the country. This was in contrast to the comment of Junior who gave the indication to the outspoken journalist that the youths of Ghana are solidly behind him.

Most a times, people may claim their support for you, but when a critical situation arises, those supporting you may flee.

This likely scenario does not escape Tommy Bismack. He reminded Captain Smart of such a possible scenario and advised him fo act wisely.

Aboagye could not hide his feelings, but made it known to captain Smart that Ghana does not belong to him. Wysopera believes that Aboagye is trying to give the signal to Captain Smart that since Ghana does not belong to him alone, he cannot put his life on the line for Ghana.

Some of his fans have asked him to remain cool while others jeered him and congratulated him for his bold speech.

Do you believe that Captain Smart can put his blood on the line for Ghana?



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